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When the scientist first introduced the hydropower. I was sitting by the side of the LORD.

HE said: Dev you are going to born on the 10th Jan 1947 and reveal some of the aspects of the hydropower on March14, 2009 after 3 months those points occurs to you. You will be 62 then. So I have to make him forget those aspects (to that so called scientist). Because people will not respect those ideas as is not the problem now. During the decade of 2000 people will say that problem as the ‘global warming’ – no rain, dry land and desert, no water for drinking and irrigation, very hot and warm temperature to live, will not be comfortable for them and will be scared that their existence is at risk. Yes indeed the living world will be at risk if they don’t correct as your suggestions. The living things as they will call then could be wiped of the Earth. You know I would not let that happen. I love them so much. But at the same time they also need to learn and realize the every bit of MY creation. I have made them to take care of one of my creations – the Earth. Only thing they have to remember is how to keep rain-cycle undisturbed or maintained or bring back or restored. You quantity of the water I filled on the Earth will remain constant until the life time of the Earth ”

So He made the scientist to forget by giving too much joy. He thought he had the whole world in his hands. These are the aspects of science he forgot then and afterwards until now.

1. Fluid properties of water. Specially that the water behaves different when standing still in cylindrical pipe and running through a pipe.

2. Characteristics of the gravitational force of the earth. Specially the forces is un limited, always present at a given point, and can’t be blocked as light can be or shielded as magnetic force can be etc it is the only force that is used by the hydropower generation.

3. Discharged water could be used for drinking, irrigation, watering dry land and entertainment etc. this system is so valuable for rain-cycle, the main controlling factor for the global warming.

4. Head height of the water column can be added even connecting after the turbine without discharging water freely as suction head, and behavior of water when it is running as fluid.

5. The turbines can be installed in a series basis. Hydropower installations can be far cheaper than they are going to introduce now.

Wouldn’t believe so you will have to go to the street to explain theories related to fluid properties of water that is applicable to generate hydroelectricity. Earth has unlimited hydropower. People have not yet realized yet.

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