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16 of 24 Overturning Global Warming

Overturning Global Warming

(Published in The Rising Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal. 25 June 2009,11 Asar 2065)

Dr. Dev Bahadur Dongol

We must do everything we can do to save our planet from global warming / climate change. Global warming has to do only with decreasing frequency of rain fall (not any other factors). The one and only way to reverse global warming is by restoring the frequency of rain cycle extended through out the year. Once restored like in old days, all the other factors will slowly correct themselves. This opportunity is at hand for us until the snow-capped mountains have snow on them. After that it will be impossible to restore the frequency of rain cycle. So we don’t have much time. Fortunately we have all the technology and infrastructure needed to develop network of water supply system to all the possible places already in practice and thus solve the climate change related problems. To restore the frequency of rain cycle all we need is to use them by making the conventional hydropower system easier, cheaper and more productive to start with. Hydropower installations discharge unbelievably immense quantity of water. Rain means colder earth, snow on mountains, easy reforestation or greenery, irrigation and drinking water, recharging ground water, and thus lower sea level rise eventually.

The rain cycle needs or requires a lot of evaporation of water from the surface of the earth. The sun can’t do it out of the seawater only. The one and only way to maximize evaporation is by spreading water on land as widely as possible as in old days. So we need to develop network of water supply system wherever possible so that water is available to keep all the possible land always wet. This way phenomena like forest or bush fire and sand storm can also be controlled appreciably. Water will then evaporate from the land of the whole world significantly, and thus frequency of rainfall will be restored considerably and quickly. The regular rainfall will reduce the temperature of the earth/ atmosphere, increase the population of plants and forests, and the cultivation of land will increase as well. Unfortunately vast area of land is becoming drier and drier every year, which is further reducing evaporation of water. Human settlements all over the world are covering the land by houses, road constructions, pavement etc. dropping evaporation of water. This process is on the increase every year, meaning worst to come yet. All the factors together have now become noteworthy to reduce frequency of rain cycle. All these activities demand a continuous supply of huge quantity of water across the world so that earth’s surface can be kept always wet. So we need a system that can perform this super duper mammoth task successfully. There are possible two ways. One, develop new network system for supplying water and secondly, use discharged water from the hydropower installations.

The cause of global warming is also referred to or are said to be related to many factors other than decreasing frequency of rainfall. Emission of CO2 or so called green house gases by human activity. No gases can be defined as green house gases, as fluids they can’t form green house. Deforestation, increasing dry land, little water for drinking and irrigation, snow on mountains, sea level rise etc are related to water and thus only with the rain cycle. The fight against global warming can be won by associating it with hydropower as one of the two ways to deliver water to all the possible land areas. Hydropower neither produces pollution of any kind nor uses any power other than water and the force of gravity. The more we use hydropower the less we will use other means of power like cooking gas, kerosene, wood, petroleum products, thus reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Even we would not need nuclear power of electricity. Earth is blessed with limitless hydropower to harness unlimited hydroelectricity by simply changing turbine installation system in series without breaking the water column along the same one water supplying pipe, thus water enough to run one turbine can run multiple turbines. Installed turbines don’t decrease the power of running water because the source of power used is the gravitational force of the earth. That force can’t be reduced nor blocked nor diverted to other directions.

Another factor referred to behind the temperature rise is, though not correct, is the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing the green house effect (which is impossible by gases). Gases can’t form a green house. Heat travels from higher temperature to lower temperature. Gases are helping the earth to cool down the earth by convection method of heat transmission. Heat reached up in the colder zone of earth’s atmosphere can’t come back down to the hotter zone, thus trapping of heat in the climatic atmosphere is ridiculous scientifically. Climatic atmosphere is not layered, it is a homogenous mixture. Layered atmosphere will have carbon dioxide just above the surface of the earth as it is the heaviest gas forcing the animals to die; we need oxygen to be alive.

Carbon dioxide is produced by human activities like burning any materials, consumption of or use of petroleum products and respiration by living beings - plants and animals. But plants also engage in the process of photosynthesis to consume the gas to make food that is consumed by the animals. So increasing the population of the plants can help reduce the gas. But then a lot of water is needed to increase the population of the plants. Clean power can decrease the use of other forms of energy, thus reducing the emission of carbon dioxide gas as well. Rainfall can reduce the temperature and increase the population of plants, which will reduce the global warming by consuming carbon dioxide gas (this cause is only assumption, not scientific) from the atmosphere. This way the so called carbon dioxide factor is also taken care, though it is not the proven real cause.

So by integrating hydropower to generate unlimited clean energy and its discharged water to spread over the land of the earth as much as possible, the problem of global warming and climate change related problems can be resolved in the nearest possible span of time for good and never again will occur power crisis and climate change in our civilization. Any hydropower undertaking must consider spreading water on land as far as possible and for drinking and irrigation purposes as well. So the draining of water to the desired places instead of discharging it freely through pipes connected with the turbines must be done seriously; besides, undertaking additional water supply system from any higher places to lower land.

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