Wednesday, April 23, 2014

That means we can reverse the present climate change. In other words, we can control the climate the way we want just by determining the areas of earth's land surface to keep dry or moist. Drier the land surface areas the warmer is the climate and less frequent rain cycle. And, moist the larger area of land surface the cooler is the climate and more frequent rain cycle. Of course, the heat of the sun causes the climate or seasons but the activities are controlled:

1.  mainly by evaporation of the moisture contents on the soil surface and maintain 'Rain Cycle'. Water has the highest heat holding capacity. We know rain means cooler immediately and sprinkling water around the place has cooling effect instantly. Hot objects can be cooled down pretty quickly with water.

Other cooling systems are:

2. plants absorb heat and store it through photosynthesis, billions of tons of fruits and grains (our foods) have heat energy without raising temperature. (second most effective)

3. convection current of air in the atmosphere goes on all the time and man has no control over it. (third most effective)

4. absorption of heat by Oxygen (O2) forming Ozone (O3) and releasing it by breaking Ozone formed immediately as soon as it forms. (fourth most effective)

The rating is done by using my understanding of related science, so I suggest established scientific organizations to do research works to determine which cooling system of nature is most effective and which one is least effective cooling system.

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