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Dr. Dev Bahadur Dongol, Ph.D.


Harnessing Many Folds Hydropower: Don’t Blame Water For Power Cut
Considering fluid properties of water and nature of the gravitational force of the earth, multiple turbines can be installed in series without breaking running water column of the same one water-delivering pipe. Conventional methods of installing turbines don’t consider those two aspects of science. Behaviours of running water column are different from the standing still water column. As for example, the pressure effect is uniform through out the entire running water column, whereas it varies according to the height when the water column is standing still. Installed turbines don’t reduce the flow of water (so also any factor related to the power of running water). Turbines don’t and are not made to reduce the power of running water. So it is possible to harness many folds more electricity than done by conventional methods with quantity of water used for running only one turbine at present. Thus we can’t blame water for power cut. Therefore the Earth Is Blessed With Unlimited Hydropower.

the following video shows the method of installing turbines in series

Climate Change And Global Warming:
Don’t blame gases for global warming: global warming is not causing climate change but vice versa.
Green House Gas Is Impossible: Considering the making of a green house (needs solid transparent materials), nature of gases (they have free moving molecules), effects of heat on fluids (becomes light and go up to release heat) and heat transmission methods (always from hotter to lower zone, so they don’t reflect heat back to the earth), gases can’t make a green house, so they can’t make green house effect at all, it is impossible. By attributing climate change to gases we are defying established physical laws. Scientifically relationship between gases and climate change can’t be established. So we can’t blame any gas for climate change. No gas can be defined as a green house gas. Gases (air in the homogenous atmosphere) by convection methods of heat transmission are actually helping the earth to cool down. Because of this natural mechanism our atmosphere is colder during night and coldest just before daybreak (then the sun again starts heating the Earth). Heated object remains hot if cooling processes are not working, as example, hot water put in the vacuum flask remains hot for a very long duration. Cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes etc are also cooling systems of nature as emergency. These cooling systems of nature go on all the time. Human factors can’t stop them. Pollutants, gases and air all absorb heat from the sun before it reaches the Earth. Cloudy, misty, foggy, murky, smoggy, or hazy days are colder than bright days. So they are also helping the earth to cool down. Heat holding nature of all matters (including CO2, mistakenly referred as a green house gas) is a different phenomenon; it is not green house effect and can’t cause climate change.

Related To Rain Only: Because, CO2 or methane or wrongly called green house gases don’t make rains, can’t add snow on the mountains and poles, can’t irrigate our land, can’t provide water for plants and animals, they can’t go underground to recharge water. Meetings on the roof of the world or under the sea or slogans to cut such gases can’t make up rainfall patterns distributed through out a year nor can reduce the sea water level. All the phenomena related to the climate change are linked with water and rain only. So we can’t blame gases for climate change or green house effect.

CAUSES of climate change and global warming: Rain means colder and clean atmosphere, recharging ground water, spreading water all over the world, making easy access of drinking water, help proper irrigation and rich vegetation, add snow on poles and mountains thus lower sea water level eventually. So called green house gases have nothing to do with these phenomena. They are all and only our concerned aspects by climate change. Simple logic: take water back to the places where it came from. But man disturbed very effective natural mechanism of climate regulation system - the rain cycle (collectively became very significant now) by

Urbanization- drainage systems, pavements, houses, and roads etc all stopped evaporation from soil.
Deforestation- Reduced consistent evaporation drastically by drying soil very quickly.
Creating Deserted Lands And Deserts- there is no evaporation at all from those very vast places.

But the ‘Rain Cycle” primarily needs lot of evaporation of water mainly from the surfaces of the Earth. Evaporation of water from sea, running water and lakes or ponds is not hot enough to go up to the height where it can form water drops after losing heat it has absorbed but is only contributing to raise humidity of the immediate air. As sea breeze when water vapours from the sea reaches above the heated surfaces of the earth they are raised up as convection current to the height where they can form water drops and fall down as rain. Water can absorb highest amount of heat or it has highest heat holding capacity of all the matters. This property is also helping to reduce atmospheric temperature. So water can deliver highest quantity of heat from hotter zone to colder zone.
SOLUTION- Boosting evaporation by scattering water on the surfaces of the Earth not sparing even the deserted lands and deserts is the only way to revive and spread rain pattern through out the year and thus restore the comfortable climate. Water can be delivered from any higher to lower places. Now it is an easy task for mankind. We can use discharged water from the hydropower installations. We can and should develop network of water delivery system to the dry lands and deserts as our must culture. We will have greenery everywhere and not again ‘climate change’.

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  2. You claim that "Turbines don’t and are not made to reduce the power of running water. So it is possible to harness many folds more electricity than done by conventional methods with quantity of water used for running only one turbine at present."

    As far as i know this plainly violates the first law of thermodynamics and second law as well.

    If you have done some works on this topic, why don't you publish your documents. Only assumption will not work. Please post the theory and proper proofs and mathematical deductions before claiming such sensitive issues.

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    i have not made any assumptions but explained on the basis of known established scientific theories. i shall be greatful to you if you could point out any assumptions you think.